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Our Story

Hard working family man is making his mark on Maui

Nathan moved his family from Alaska in 2015 to the beautiful island of Maui.  Why the big move?  It was time for a change.  Nathan and his wife Charlotte were both born and raised in Alaska.  After they married in 2012 they honeymooned in Kauai and then made several trips back to the islands and fell in love with Maui. ​

Nathan started Nathan’s Natural Flooring & Upholstery back in 2016 as a side job and its exploding into a great business.  Charlotte started her business making all natural soaps so that sparked the idea of using all natural products as a cleaning agent for Nathans business.  That is what sets his business apart from the rest.  After the birth of their daughter, Claire, they have been living a chemical free life.  A chemical free life is the best life.


We Clean So You Do Not Have to.